My Eternity

This is how I am
This is me
This is my forever meant destiny
This is how it’s meant to be
This is my eternity

My eternity is one of strangeness
One of which many eternities end as
My forever known eternity is death
I can never wish to fully comprehend
The meaning of such a destiny
The meaning of my eternity

To understand ones future comings
A hard thing to find out
Is not always the best thing
To know what is to become
What is to happen to someone
Before it is meant to be known or to happen
Causes one to analyze ones self

My future
My destiny
My eternity
Is forever known


My Dark King

My life darkened by a heart
Never to see the light of day
Nor pure happiness ever again
No not now or ever
I sit in the dark
Contemplating what to do
Suddenly what is it I do see
Shinning shimmering light in the distance
What is it
And why does it dare come
It shines so beautifully
Ever so elegantly
The vibrance of its beauty
The way it seems to float
Gliding across the floor towards me
It gets closer to me
Soon in realization
I see it is my own
My special Dark King
But yet with all your darkness
You sem so bright to me
You walk to me
Almost more like gliding
Gliding in the light
Soon you are next to me
I see where I am meant to be
Forever standing next to you
My Dark King
My ever so loving light
Does my Dark King know
How much I do dare care
I scream to both darkness and light
Of the love held true in my heart
And I proclaim my heart be given
Only to be owned by you
By my Dark King
To do with as you please

Lost Inside

Thinking of you
As all sit for dinner
I miss you terribly
Wish you were here
Waiting to go home
I wonder to myself
Is he thinking of me
Does he miss me
Sadly I wander aimlessly
With you on my mind
Missing you so badly
Tears stream down my face
While I lay on the bed
Trying to sleep
I hug my teddy bear close
And ignore all others
Restlessly I try to sleep
But with no such luck
Deep in the corners of my mind
I ask myself
Is he sleeping
Might he be dreaming of me
Quietly I lay there
Thinking of you
Through the night
Unable to sleep
I cry silently
To myself once more


With the little I own
And the much I care for
Nothing can stand in my way
The will I have
It is too great for that
The power in which I have within me
Compels me to move on and up
Noticing certain little things
That is how I truly am
Unstoppable are the actions I make
Possible are the thoughts I think
Unknown are my feelings of sorrow
Unseen are the tears
I withhold inside me
Though unpure as I stand before you
You only see
What is wrong with me
As I sit
Contemplating what to do
You just sit there
Laughing upon my stupidity
I lay there in a puddle of my blood
As you watch me die
Yet still you care not
Hours later you watch
As I am put into my grave
Yet you understand not
Why this happened
Days later
I begin to walk
In my ghostly figure
I decided to come to you once more
But only to say my goodbyes forever
For in my own deathly time
I have realized
I belong not in the land of the living nor the dead
My new home is meant to be forever in purgatory
So as I come to say the last goodbye
I see you as a single tear falls down your cheek
I whisper in your ear but a single simple sentence
I will always love you no matter what
As I say it
It is heard for miles
To those I care for
Then I disappear
Never to be heard or spoken of again

My Dark Bliss

This world condemns me
For my entire eternity
Stuck in the fiery pits of hell
From birth till the forbidden afterlife
No one can save me
From my forever meant destiny
Alone I walk the darkest path
No light can find me
Nor can anyone ever see me
I am the darkness that haunts all
The worst of nightmares
That plague your dreams
I am the Goddess of Hell
Collector of souls and minions
I am the Queen of Darkness
My forever meant abode
I am the owner of all
Things dark and dreary
For that is my eternal bliss
Darkness is my home
Hell is my future
Death is my eternity


Sorrowful pain swelling in my mind
Unbreakable chains around my wrists
A sad pathetic expression on my face
The look of a lover lost
Broken is the heart
That feels too much pain
Gone is the mind
That wishes not to feel
Disappeared is the soul
That thrives not to exist
All because I lost
It started out like a dream
So kind and sweetly serene
Then as time took its course
Everything became much worse
Now I created a monster
Within the man I love
For days I cry
Wishing to die
For nothing can be worse
Than losing him
I wallow in pain
And guilt at my stupidity
Awaiting the day
Of my demise
Because he no longer loves me
No reason to live
Nor any chance to love
Forever embedded in my heart
He will be the only one
I ever truly love