They Like Me! They Really Really Like Me!



So it’s mid September, and I’ve only been writing since March, and tomorrow marks my half-year anniversary! Not only does it mark my half-year anniversary, but I’ve managed to make 295 posts! (This being 296, to be absolutely correct!) I’ve hit a milestone I didn’t think I’d ever hit, and I’m absolutely astounded!


I hit 1,000 likes! Holy cow that is a lot! I want to thank Nam H Nguyen from Reality Through Fiction for giving me my 1,000th like. Between Nam and Suze, I think they comprise 70% of my like-base! Thank you two so much for reading through my drivel and enjoying it enough to hit that famed like button, giving me a pretty new shiny medal.


I’d like to ask my readership out there from the blogosphere what their favorite posts are and why. What post of mine really spoke to you, and what one really made you smile?


I’m so filled with joy and amazement that I’ve hit such a milestone that I can’t think of what else to write, I’m honestly just gushing with joy right now. Again, thank you to all those who read my writing and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Did It Change You?

So over the past few months, I’ve been asked a few questions that have actually made me think. I brought the idea up to some others and they thought that the questions and my answers would make for an interesting blog post, so here goes nothing. I am paraphrasing as best I can, so bare with me.


Q: What were your first thoughts when you became a mother for the first time? How did it change your perspective on life and did it change who you are as a person?


Q: Did having children after your first cause any hardships or challenges? How did having multiple children change how you viewed other parents of multiple children, and did it change you as an individual?


Q: When you met your husband for the first time, did you know that he would be your husband? Would you say he has had a negative or positive impact on who you are and in your life?


Q: After settling down and becoming a stay at home mom, did it change you as a person? Do you prefer being a stay at home mom, or do you wish you were still working?


Q: What are some of the challenges you face, being the forefront of your family when it comes to taking care of household needs such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, bills, and child rearing? Do you feel these challenges have altered your perspective on what it means to be a stay at home mom?


These questions were pretty intense to answer, and I only had a short period of time to answer them in, so I wanted to blog about it to go more indepth with my answers.


A: I honestly didn’t have time for any first thoughts when my son was born other than how amazingly beautiful he was. After he was born, I was immediately put on a new IV drip of magnesium, which knocked me out for the first 48 hours of his life. The only time I was even awake was during the changing of the bag and when they had me sign for his circumcision. Up until I had given birth to my son, I’d always been rather care free, not really a party person but always having the ability to go outside whenever I wanted without any form of attachments. After my son was born, I immediately sought out work and began a standard 9-5 job, working my rear end off day in and day out to provide for him and his father at the time. I would say it definitely had a major impact on my perspective of life, as well as who I was as a person.


A: At first, when my daughters were born, all I could think was ‘What would my son say if he found out I had children that I took care of when I couldn’t have him in my arms?’ I felt bad for becoming a mother to children that weren’t my son, even though I gave birth to them. With my girls though, I was able to breastfeed them and spend quality time with them which built the bond we have now. I’ve always thought of parents with multiple children to be magnificently blessed, and I was right! I’ve become more selfless since having my girls, not that I was ever really selfish to begin with.


A: When I first met my husband, I honestly didn’t know we would be married. We originally met in 2010, around Halloween. We were both working at Amazon Lex2 facility doing warehouse work. He was customer returns and I worked vendor returns, our departments literally sitting side by side in a giant warehouse. I adored him immediately, but had been told by someone else that he was seeing someone. Whenever I would see him, I would start jumping up and down, waving like a mad woman screaming, “HEY ALLAN!” loud enough for everyone to hear. I had the most humongous crush on him. To be honest, I’d say my husband has had a very positive effect on me. When we started dating on March 12th or 2012, I already knew I was madly in love with him and wanted to be with him for the rest of my life and it really helped me to strive to love who I am, because lets be real. You can’t truly expect someone to love you if you don’t love you.


A: Becoming a stay at home mom was probably one of the best decisions I ever made, and my husband has backed my decision from day one. I spend almost all of my day taking care of the kids, making sure they eat good healthy food and have fresh clean clothes to wear. Being a stay at home mom is a privilege, and one I don’t ever see myself taking advantage of. Sure working is good, but I think I would much rather be at home with my kids, teaching them and watching them grow.


A: Well, one of the major challenges is trying to get stuff done with the kids running around. I often find myself having to make appointments, pay bills, so on and so forth with children running after me and screaming like wild little animals. Taking care of the home isn’t really hard though, especially considering my husband helps me out with a lot of it. Bills is the only thing that is purely my domain, and I handle them like a boss! Considering the fact that my husband helps me a great deal with laundry, cooking, cleaning around the house, and taking care of the kids when he is at home, being a stay at home mom is a lot easier than I had originally anticipated. Then again, I got really lucky when I got married to my husband. Not many men actually help around the house, at least not from what I’ve heard from other women and other moms.


I’d like to read some of your responses to these questions, and if you’re up for answering, you can do so by either making your own post or replying in the comments below!

Hip Hip Hooray


Those who have been following dutifully on my blog may have seen that in the past I made a “10 Followers Q&A” thing, because I’m weird and I like celebrating milestones and such! As my beloved readers, I would like you to feel included so I’m going to re-do my little thing with a slight twist!


Now last time, I said it was a lot like 20 questions, but with only 3 questions maximum per person asking. Since I’ve hit the milestone of 50 WordPress followers, I find it only correct to up the ante from 3 questions to 5 maximum per asker! As questions are asked, and questions get answered, depending on how many I get, I’ll add these questions and answers to my home page! 


If you do not want your blog to be given a pingback, by all means, let me know in the comments below, otherwise I’ll just abuse your blog link all over my home page! Hahaha


The way it will look is something like this (Sorry, Suze, I’m abusing you again for a moment)


Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:


Question 4:


Question 5:



There is no limitations on what questions you can ask. You can ask me all kinds of things ranging from my personal life to my blogging life, to anything inbetween. You can ask about my views of this, that, and the other thing too if that suits ya! 🙂 I look forward to answering your questions!

10 Followers Q&A

As promised, here is my post for the Q&A asked by followers, readers, and fellow bloggers. I mainly wanted to do this in thanks to everyone for being so awesome and enjoying my blog!



Question1: What are the qualities you look for in a friend?

Answer: Well, for a person to be my friend they have to be smart. I don’t just mean book smart, or forever growing knowledge smart, they have to be experience smart. We as a whole are on this earth to have experiences unique and special to us all. I love finding new people who share similar experiences and even completely different experiences because it sheds light on things I may not have even thought about. A friendship is basically a symbiotic relationship, the healthiest relationships being mutualism. Another quality would be one that you are all too fluent in, dear, and that is comedy. I love to laugh, and that is key really to a good friendship. If two friends can’t make each other laugh, I don’t really see it lasting long.

Question 2: What is your “impossible dream” for your life?

My impossible dream would be that I wanted to be an author, still do to this day. I have always loved to write, be it short stories, horror, childrens stories, or even poetry. One of the things that really drove me to start my blog, honestly!

Question 3: Where do you live and what is it that you want to change, and would NEVER change about it?

Well, I live in Kentucky USA. The main thing that irks me that I would want to change is that people here can be very narrow minded. In expansion of that, many people here are of religious affiliation and have some weird belief that only people who follow God can have morals and a set guide line for how to be a good person. I don’t like that, being as I am an atheist myself. Constantly being told I’m “going to hell” for not believing in God really can be offensive and does more to damage my ideology of religious people as a whole than build my view of them up. The thing I wouldn’t change though is the willingness to help others in need. I’ve seen some amazing ways that people have really stepped up and helped out people. Example being when my youngest daughter was born, we had to leave our daughter at the hospital after I was discharged because she hadn’t developed the film on the inside of her lungs and was stuck on a C-PAP machine to help her breathe. The company my husband works for actually offered us to stay at the Ronald McDonald Housing, as well as free diapers, wipes, and coupons for the hospital cafeteria. They also offered to let my husband take time off work just so that we could be there more during the hard time we were going through as a family. They really stepped up and did so much for us, it was astounding.


I was thinking of a way to celebrate the awesome amazingness of having reached 10 followers, my friend Suze and I excluded from that number because she helped me with finding where to blog and giving me tips and tricks on how to explore my WP World. The best thing I could think of was… A way to thank all the people who have been kind enough to follow me, or read my blog!


Okay, the way I want to go about this is kind of like 20 questions, but instead of 20, you can ask me a maximum of 3 questions, per question poster. I will then make a blog post with a linkback leading to your blog followed by the questions you asked and my answers. Once I have enough questions, I will then post them on my home page below my “About Me” section since technically these are asked about me. I will also have a linkback through my about me, as a special way of trying to spread the word about your blog as thanks for being so awesome and reading mine.


The way it will look is something like this (Sorry, Suze, I’m abusing you for a moment)


Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:



There is no limit on what your question can be about, be it me personally, my thoughts on something, or something I’ve endured in life, etc. So have fun and have at it! 😀