What A Sight

There are many nuances that come with the beginning of spring. One of my least favorite is the weather. The subtle yet obnoxious way that it can look nice yet be colder than the dickens, well as a mother it drives me down right batty. I would have to say that the worst nuance of spring has got to be how one moment it can be beautiful looking outside, then moments later it becomes a cloud covered misery nightmare of rain. I don’t mind the thunderstorms so much, the lightning being beautiful to look at. Especially when it lights up the darkened sky.


There is beauty in the cusp of spring though. It’s when the world is becoming alive again after a particularly harsh winter. Nature brings us newborn babes in all different varieties. A friend of mine shared such a newborn video with me and was kind enough to give me permission to share it with you all. The aforementioned videos  are just after the baby was born, literally minutes after. It is a beautiful wonderful sight to behold, the gift of spring is in essence the gift of life itself.


Also with spring comes nicer weather though! Today being the first nice day of March for us here, I decided I also wanted to share a video of the girls enjoying the first pretty day of spring. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Have a beautiful day!

Absolutely Positive

I had intended to post this this past Saturday but with the funeral and the death and all the depression that came with it, I just hadn’t had the time. So here is a part of what’s been keeping me going since that all started. Thank you for following along on my video blog journey.