Beautiful Leaves

I missed writing day 7 of Suze’s 7 Days Of Summer Challenge because I was at a funeral, but I’m making it up now! The 7th day of July’s prompt from her challenge is noting the end of summer, and what one looks forward to with the coming of fall. There’s a lot I look forward to, honestly!

july challenge

Fall is when both my girls’ birthdays happen! My Marie Bean will be turning 3 this September, and my Celeste Bug is turning 2 this October. Celeste was born on the 18th and had an 11 day stint in the NICU, barely making it home before Halloween. However poor Marie got sick right as we were bringing Celeste home, which broke my heart because that meant no trick-or-treating. Marie’s birthday is literally the day before her daddies! If only she could have held off another 24 hours, then they’d share the same day together for the rest of forever. 


One of the other things I look forward to every year when Autumn comes is the changing of the leaves. Especially during a particularly spectacular sunset, when the sun shines through the color changing leaves. It is literally one of the most amazing and beautiful things I think I’ve ever seen, when the leaves begin to turn colors and start falling to the ground. I’ve always wondered how people turn them into leaf wreaths, whenever I find these beautiful little leaves, they’re so brittle and incapable of turning into something artistically gorgeous. 


Don’t even get me started on Halloween itself, oh my goodness. Halloween is one of my top two most favorite holidays of the year. It is the time of year when children dress up in adorable and or semi-frightening costumes, blood oozing or covered in bazillions of sparkles. We get princesses, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, lady bugs, lobsters, and so many more adorable childrens’ costumes. I had Marie dressed up in a ghost tutu for her first Halloween, and Celeste’s first Halloween, she had a lady bug tutu dress, fully trimmed with wings and a customized headband.


I look forward to many more beautiful birthdays, and oodles more amazing Halloween adventures with my girls.

National Rollerblade / Roller-skate Day

Finally caught up to today’s post for Suze’s weird little 7 Days of Summer Challenge, it’s day 6 and today’s challenge is to create your own national holiday and describe how others would celebrate it.

july challenge

National Rollerblade / Roller-skate day would be a day in which everyone used roller-blades or roller-skates to get around to their destination instead of cars, trucks, bikes, so on and so forth. Everyone would be fully geared with all the necessary knee and elbow pads, along with a helmet for their head for those who aren’t that terribly balanced. They could either have a standard set of roller-blades/roller-skates, or they could get ones with patterns they could color themselves to create their own unique designs. 


Each resident of all participating countries would have police officers policing the streets to ensure that all the roller-bladers/roller-skaters are traveling safely and helping those who are having difficulty staying up on their own two feet. There would be designated areas approximately every few blocks where people could take a rest, drink some water, then get going again. Each rest stop would be equipped with a shelter for those who are adversely affected by the sun, and would be in front of a shop for which people could purchase a light snack for anyone who might have to keep their blood sugar level due to the excessive exercise.

Reading And Writing

Suze’s day 5 of her 7 Days of Summer Challenge is supposed to either be about 5 things you would pick up at a beach or alternatively, a summer activity you enjoy the most and why. Since I wouldn’t be caught dead on a beach, because it requires being out in the blazing sun and being surrounded by more than I could handle in naked people… Not to mention about two boatloads of sunscreen to keep myself from burning and disappearing in the wind like a vampire who sees their first sunset… I think I’ll write about one of my most favorite activities that I enjoy doing during the summer time.

july challenge

I absolutely love to take walks to little nature areas like nature reserve parks and rock quarries, or even graveyards since it is my favorite place in the world to go to begin with. Usually I find a nice cozy little shaded spot and curl up with a good book, be it a physical book or an eBook, and just read. I’ve not been able to do that for some time, but it was always my favorite thing to do ever. Now, as I’ve grown older and started having my own family, I take whatever chance I get to read and truly immerse myself in the fantasy of worlds unknown. Either that or write my own little weird slice of paradise. 


I get my best clarity when I’m alone by myself, with little to no distractions. So I don’t really get a whole lot of time for writing or reading since the kids are always all over me or getting into stuff they really shouldn’t be. Personally I prefer when they’re all over mommy, because that’s when the most fun begins.

Independence Day

Today I am playing catch-up on Suze’s 7 Days Of Summer Challenge. Day 4 of her challenge was supposed to be about what Independence means to me.

july challenge

The idea of Independence Day is the thing that all who come to America seek. Freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from oppression, freedom to be who you so wish to be. There is always a price to be paid for ones freedoms though. Often times freedom for the masses comes at the cost of the lives of others. We struggle to balance freedom and payment for freedom, and worse still, we struggle with the very ideology of “Freedom for All”. We the people of the American United States cannot all be held accountable for our countries dreadful actions and or decisions, but what we can do is remove those who do not speak for the people. 


Our government ought to be held accountable for their failure to listen to the constituents that put them in office. It is obvious that our government has forgotten log ago what the true meaning of the Declaration of Independence is about, along with the American Constitution. We were once an independent nation whose ability to communicate, debate, and come to a resolution was what let to America’s fruition. Now, we have forgotten what Independence is, what our Constitution stands for, we no longer know what true freedom is like.

A Dream Vacation

Day 1 of Suze’s Seven Days Of Summer challenge! So from what I gather, we’re supposed to either write about an awesome vacation we’ve been on, or our dream vacation. Obviously I am writing about my Dream Vacation that I hope to one day have become a reality.


july challenge


So my dream vacation would be a little strange… My dream vacation would be to a nice calm climate area, surrounded by all my favorite people. The list is rather short, but filled with people I adore. Maybe Scotland or Ireland, or even the outskirts of Sweden. The reason for such lush grassy places is because my dream vacation would be filled with picnics and laughter, joyous smiles and rough housing. I adore the very idea of every meal being eaten as a picnic, a big plush area of grass to sit on as we are surrounded by the beauty and harmony that is nature while surrounded by people I both love and adore. That, to me, would be a dream vacation come true. No politics, no stress, no worry, and most importantly, no freaking work. 


In my head, I see it as beautiful sunrise greeting me and those I care about as we settle down to have a breakfast picnic, a startlingly beautiful mid-day sun peak as we flop down for lunch, and the most gorgeous sunset as we settle in for dinner. Surrounded by wildlife, birds, deer, chipmunks, squirrels, and whatever other animals might be near by. To me, that is a truly perfect dream vacation.