Flavor is everything. We have so many taste buds on our tongue that give information to the brain as to how things taste that it is amazing. All these different taste buds on our tongues allow us to experience a  wide range of different flavors that otherwise would be impossible. There are some in the world who sadly have dulled taste receptors, leaving them in a bland and practically tasteless world. For those who have such dulled senses, my heart goes out to you. To be without taste, to me at least, is like being unable to see a sun rise.


One of my favorite things to taste is the bitter tart taste of sour candy or fruit. The tart flavor of kiwi is above and beyond my number one. What are some of your favorite flavors? Do you prefer sweet over sour? Or do you enjoy a softer flavor like bananas, smooth like silky ice cream?

GCD 10


Welcome to day 10 of the on-going Grateful Challenge! Today, I’m going to be sharing some adorable pictures, something that really just strikes up that “Awe, so cute” thought in the back of ones brain! Then I’ll go about the challenge itself.

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Now for what I’m grateful for!

  • Bedtime : One of my favorite times of the day is story time, right before bed time. The photos are of my sweet sleeping angles, having passed out after story time. Aren’t they just the sweetest?
  • Melatonin : The night before last night, I didn’t get much of diddly for sleep, so last night as soon as I saw for sure that the girls were asleep, I threw some melatonin down my throat to ensure a peaceful nights sleep! Hooray for melatonin!
  • Morning Routine Changes : Usually my morning is me with the kids. I have to wake up, brush my teeth, then tend to the kids. This morning, my husband was awake when I woke up, and without me asking, offered to help get the girls ready for breakfast while I brushed my teeth! That was one heck of a pleasant surprise. 


So what are you grateful for today? 

Sweet Love

Sweet dear
Whom I hold in my heart
Don’t fear
From you I wont part
So dry up your wee tears
Sweet love
I hold you high above
They say dont put you on a peddestool
But baby
Its right where you are
So sweet and dashing
Evil yet so loving
I don’t see why
Anyone ever let you go
Dear darling
I hope you know
Each time I think
Of you and me
I can’t help but smile
And be anxious as time flies

Smile Challenge Day 4

Smile Challenge Day 4 started off and has only proceeded to become awesome. So many things have made me smile. I woke up feeling refreshed and alive, but at the same time I was feeling sick on top of it. My kids being the amazing adorable tykes they are climbed onto the couch, they kept bouncing and hollering mommy until I sat on the couch. As soon as I sat down, my eldest tackled me and next thing I knew I was laying down and covered by a blanket. It was sweet, and adorable. Seconds later Marie had decided Mommy needed the blanket tucked in, just like Mommy always does when putting her down for bed. I was snuggled and cuddled by both babies, Celeste hugging the top of my head and drooling on my forehead as Marie lay on my chest, hugging me close. We lay on the couch watching Bones for I don’t even know how long. I had somehow fallen asleep and when I woke up Celeste was still by my head and Marie was sitting between my legs, just being a sweetheart. The moment she saw my eyes open, she smiled and said, “You ok mommy?” My girls warm my heart so much it is just unfathomable.


After I had gotten the kids lunch and put down for nap time, I stepped outside with my first cup of coffee for the day and my first cigarette and what should greet my eyes? The sight of parents out playing with their kids, squirrels chasing each other playing gleefully, and I came to realize that today… Today is just a wonderful day, no matter if I feel sick or not. There just seems to be something absolutely right about today. This put such a smile on my face that it felt like my smile was going to consume my entire face. It is a lovely day indeed.