The Story Of A Runaway

I’m not very good at being a runaway. I think I managed to do it… Twice in my life? One of the times in question turned into… A rather strange adventure. My adventure began by traveling down HW 99 to a small town off from where I grew up in McMinnville. I stayed at a friends house for a while, whose brother kept trying to flirt with me. It was awkward… I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure I got myself kicked out of there.


Instead of going home, IĀ ended up living with this elderly couple who did drugs. That was unpleasant, for the most part. There were times where me and the lady got along, but she was convinced her husband wanted to do me. I was underage at the time, but that didn’t stop him from trying. I remember one time, I was so afraid for my well being that I’d actually fallen asleep on the couch and wet myself in my sleep from the nightmares I had. After about a month or so, I found an old discarded phone.


I don’t know what preempted me to do it, but I started calling my mom. Talked to her a few times, and even confessed to my mom that I missed her. I don’t fully recall all of what I’d said to her, but I do remember saying that for sure. It was a few calls in that one night my mom was in tears, she missed me and I belonged home with her, and she couldn’t take the pain of hearing me but not seeing me anymore. I’d made mistakes, horrible ones at that, but the worst mistake I made was hurting her.


Not long after that chat where my mother was in tears, I made the decision to go home. It was far beyond time for me of gone back, and I shouldn’t of ever left to of began with. Running away was a horrifying adventure that showed me what I should have known ages ago. My mom will always love me, even after some of the horrible things I’ve done. She showed me then, even through her tears of worry and fear mixed with anger at my stupidity, that a mothers love knows no bounds.