My life is of no meaning
As well as my mind
Nothing is meant for me
Only a land of great misery
Filled with anger and hate
Mixed with strength as well
The allowance to cry
Left me in a flash of lightning
I am no longer able to cry
Not a soul cares though
As to the reason of which it is so
I sit here and wait
For that time to come back to me
Hoping that I will be allowed
To cry without discrimination
But still
This privilege is denied to me
I wish to know why
This simple thing is so forbidden to me
Why must it be so
Allow me to be me
And all is well
But when I wish to cry
What happens
Let me cry
Or else forever I shall die
Still yet I am denied
Why am I not able
To do as I wish
While all the rest
Are able to do so
I shall forever till allowed
Wait to cry
Forever unable
To shed a tear am I


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