Uhm.. Hmm… Really?

I’ve only lived in the south since 2009, having spent my infant, toddler, childhood, and teen years in the great North West out in Oregon. I had a temporary stay in South Carolina where… Oh my goodness the racism is alive and well… I did not like it there, at all. Honestly one of the worst places I’ve ever lived and wouldn’t go back if I were paid a million dollars. I’d probably have to use it to post my own bail. 


I originally hail from Oregon and Washington, where I spent the majority of my life. However in January 2009 on the 28th, I landed in Kentucky during what was said to be a mild blizzard. It was kind of fantastically amazing, as I stepped off the plane and danced in the snow wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Apparently doing that in Kentucky can get you arrested, as I was promptly ushered into the car by panicked looking people. Not all places in Kentucky are as disdainful of merriment though, just in areas filled with weirdos (by my definition of course) who wouldn’t know fun if it flipped them in the nose.


Here in the “great south” which is often referred to as the “bible belt” of the United States, there are churches every freaking where. I have had a hard time adjusting to this aspect of Southern living. There are a bunch of whackados in every state but I’d have to say, Kentucky could give them a run for their money.


Although we do have some fantastic light shows like Thunder over Louisville, which most people who aren’t from around here can’t pronounce properly to save their life. Much like the inability to pronounce it, finding a place to gawk at the lights is nearly impossible. Most places around the waterfront where the action takes place is booked months in advance. It is kind of intense.


Here in the great Southern Kentucky, we also have the Kentucky Derby. Also, apparently a bunch of die hard sports fans that make psycho killers look normal. Seriously, my husband said he has a co-worker who comes to work on days when there is a UK Game going on that wears a Louisville Cardinals shirt just to irk them. There’s apparently a few who do this, actually. It is the most entertaining form of harassment I’ve ever heard of, and only wish I could see it myself!


All in all, I’d have to say the south isn’t nearly as dastardly as people might think. Sure, they don’t have trees but they sure have a bunch of shrubbery! If the Knights of Ni ask, just send them down south to find a good one.

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