I Refuse To Apologize


We are all born to have opinions about this and that, some opinions are pungent to the masses while the masses tend to have ideas that are rather scathing to others. I’m one of those people who are in the minimalist group who have opinions that gnash at the good souls of the masses, considering I’m both an atheist and a staunch conservative. The problem with this is that due to my naturally abrasive way of talking, many find my verbage to be downright outlandish, my ideals to be archaic. Does that make them wrong? No. I’m probably one of few who is happy to have people challenge my point of view, seeing things from a different angle helps me to see things from other people’s perspective. Sometimes this changes my mind, other times it is further ingrained in my mind that what I believe is correct.


The problem with society as a whole these days isn’t so much with freedom of speech though, it has become that some feel they have a right to shut others down when they are offended. Instead of talking it over and having a good clean debate, they rather ducktape the opponent and silence them. These offended triggered children with no ability to properly communicate are a cancer upon humanity. We as a nation have begun pandering to their self righteous “I’m the only one who can be right.” attitude for far too long. It is high time that we stop having safe spaces for these crybabies who can’t hold a real conversation. How do they expect to progress in the world if they are never challenged? I refuse to be silenced, the same should go for the rest of the good citizens of America.

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