Little By Little

The core dreams and aspirations of people long ago are now considered ancient. Little by little the values once held dearly are whittled away into nothingness. The thoughts that were shared that created our nation, the goals that were shared between hundreds is now scattered to the wind. I would like to be able to say that presidential campaigns were once a thing of glory, but anyone who truly knows history knows this to be false. It may not have been such a money pit as it is today, but it was in no way shape or form “glorious”, as I often have dreamt of it being.


There were dreams of equality, a brother helping a brother and a sister helping a sister. A chance to truly create a place of family, togetherness, the unifying factor being the flag under which we pledge our allegiance. Instead, we have feminists, we have neo-nazi’s, gang bangers, mysogyny, misandry, we have people calling for the death of those who pledge to protect our very lives. Families are torn apart and shattered, broken beyond repair as we wage wars we have no business starting or joining. People claim we have equality, that it rings from the highest of mountaintops, but we don’t have equality. We barely have any freedoms to this very day.


There was once an aspiration for many nations to be able to settle down, get married and create a family. Have a career or build it from the ground up, in a nation where such things were once possible. Now if you have a company here, you’re taxed to the point you have two options, make sure what you’re selling is darn good or fudge your paperwork with a side job somehow. In order to employ American’s, you have to practically charge a fortune for your products, because taxes. These days families have two working parents and children off in daycare just to make ends meet, because taxes and the cost of living are far too high for those of meager income to survive.


We once fought against oppressionist regimes, refused to bow down to taxation without representation, we fought vigilantly and valiantly. Those are the ancient days though, but I hope that as with all things, we will one day again see little by little the ways of old return. I’ve heard often that history repeats itself, in this case, I sincerely hope it does. How we lost the burning fire within us, the desire to fight for what is right… I doubt I’ll ever know.

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